Our Process


We, at Sonrise Construction, can assure you that we have the experience, expertise, and resources to complete any project, from smaller homes and kitchen and bath remodels to large homes and extensive renovations.  Our construction processes have been fine-tuned over the years and allow us to deliver top quality projects to our customers on a consistent basis.


Any home building project or renovation takes a lot of planning and communication.  From the initial meeting, to the design phase, product selections, final estimating and actual construction, we build a relationship with you, the customer. Our project managers care about your project and do their best to communicate with you throughout the construction process.

About Our Workers

The subcontractors that work for us are not selected because they submitted the lowest price, but rather because of the knowledge they have in their trade and the quality of work they do.  We work with the same subcontractors year after year. We’ve found this is the best way to ensure our work achieves the highest standards of quality and delights our customers.

In contrast to some of the negativity you hear about contractors, we, at Sonrise, deliver on what we say we will do, without hidden surprises and costs and in a timely manner.

Willie’s Words

“I like to get my estimates numbers out there so people can see them, no questions. Clear and easy to read estimates” – Willie Miller (Founder of Sonrise Construction) 

A Detailed Look At Our Process

1. Initial Meeting

The Initial meeting helps us get to know you. We gather any pictures, ideas, or drawings that you have to help us get a feel for what you want.

2. Ballpark Estimate

We will give you a “ballpark” project cost based on similar projects we’ve done in the past and the information we gather at the initial meeting.

3. Design Phase

The design phase begins by laying out the floor plans, and then make revisions as necessary until the design is where you want it to be.

4. Detailed Estimate

We compile a detailed estimate book with a breakdown of all the costs of your project as well as detailed descriptions of how your home will be built. View an example of one of our estimates.

5. Buiding and Construction

Generally, this part of the process requires the most time. Throughout the process, we handle small changes on the fly, and larger revisions after a change order has been submitted.

6. Final Preparation

At the end of every project, a small army of cleaning ladies will come and clean your house from top to bottom. That way, it’s fully ready for you to start moving in!

“The process of building a house can be overwhelming. Sonrise Construction made the process so much easier and enjoyable by listening to us and following through. The quality of their work and the subcontractors they use is top notch. Consequently, the finished product is a quality home which we love. We do not feel that many people can say that their builders have become a part of our extended family, but that is definitely how we feel about Sonrise Construction. We highly recommend them for any building needs and would definitely use them again.” – Lynda (customer)