Custom Design Services

Whether you have a design that needs “tweaked” or if you need to design a home from scratch, Sonrise Constuction can provide full construction drawings for your project. We do a site visit to determine the best design for your lot.  We consider garage placement, walk-out basement location, optimizing views and sun exposure for the correct spaces of your home.


When you go through a new home build or remodeling project with Sonrise Construction, you will play a very active role in the process. Good communication is essential. We work hard to thoroughly explain the many options that are a part of your project so you are well equipped to make decisions. We’ll also offer our own ideas and insights, and guide you every step of the way.

Your Design Into Reality

At Sonrise Construction, we understand that any good design starts with a thorough understanding the wants and needs of you, the customer. We work hard to learn how you want to live in your new home and how you will use the space. Through collaboration with you, we will come up with a design that is unique to you and takes into account your vision, budget, and timeline.

Willie’s Words

“Design work is 10% about your vision, and 90% about the customer’s vision” – Willie Miller (Founder of Sonrise Construction) 

Designs For Elderly and Handicapped

We excel in designing homes that are suitable for the elderly and handicapped. These types of homes require attention to the specific needs of our clients. Often these projects involve crafting a design with minimal steps, custom tile showers with no thresholds, larger door opening to accommodate wheelchairs and grab-bars, and more.

The key to making this type of project a success, whether it be a new home or remodeling an existing structure, is to fully understand the physical limitation of the person. Knowing how the person will move throughout their home and use various rooms like the bathroom and the kitchen, help to make the design decision that will make the home much more livable.

If you or a loved one has physical limitations and needs their home retrofitted to better accommodate them, please contact us today.

“I had a design that needed modified, they were able to do that without any problems and make suggestions for unutilized space. There were unlimited choices of options for design and personal touch that I was able to make on my own. They did everything from foundation up, inside and out. They didn’t build the children and I a house……they made us a HOME. I never went to bed worried, stressed or questioning anything during my new home build, not once. I had remodeled another home in the same year working with other contractors. Those contractors were good but Sonrise Construction LLc was AMAZING!” – Elizabeth (customer)